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  • NARR was founded in 2011 in Iasi.

  • The year 2012 meant an intense and successful membership co-optation campaign, the admission of our Association to the European Association of Civil Status Officials alongside Italy, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Scotland, Switzerland, as well as our admission by the European Commission among the professional organizations with a consultative character in the European policy-making process.

  • Our dream of writing a new page in the history of civil status in Romania became a reality in 2013 when the Ministry of Labor accepted our request and registered in the COR as occupations the referent, the inspector and the counselor of civil status. Also in 2013, we managed to organize a historic event for civil status and the civil status officer in Romania: the first National Convention of civil status specialists. The Convention was attended by 120 county council secretaries, mayors, city hall secretaries, civil status officials, guests of honor being Mr. Parride Gullini-President of the European Association of Civil Status Officials (EVS) and Mr. Franco Stacul-general secretary of the European Association of Civil Servants.

  • The year 2014 meant an intense campaign to gather signatures for the petition to register in the COR the referent, the inspector and the advisor of records of persons and the submission of the documentation to the Ministry of Labor, as well as the holding of the 2nd edition of the National Convention of State Specialists civil and personal records.

Our achievements

· since January 1, 2012 ANFSCR is a member of the European Association of Civil Status Officials (EVS) based in the Netherlands;

· The European Commission admitted NARR among the professional organizations in Europe participating in the process of developing and implementing European Union policies (consultative role)

· we have established relations of close collaboration and mutual support in carrying out specific activities with the Italian Association of Civil Servants

· we collaborate, in an advisory role, with the Directorate for Personal Records and Database Administration (DEPABD) in the field of legislative projects for civil status and personal records

· I registered the functions of civil status referent/inspector/counselor in the Romanian Occupations Code;

· we have submitted to the European Commission and EVS proposals for improving the civil status activity in the member countries of the European Association to facilitate the movement of Romanian citizens

· we submitted to DEPABD and MAI proposals to amend the legislation in the field of civil status and records of persons

· approximately 200 civil servants, including secretaries of administrative-territorial units, directors and heads of local community/county public records services have joined us;